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DAT Event Group produces free business revival events in response to the iniquitous action of state and local government. The March 2020 announcements of “forced shutdowns” triggered a resistance response. Similar to millions of Americans, we saw the need to step up and oppose the careless actions of our health officials and politicians.  Their policies for a so-called "crisis" were devastating for small businesses (ours included), low-income families, and children's mental health, to name just a few. We established a Facebook group called Reopen Springfield Missouri in April 2020, then expanded our reach past our area to include all areas around Southwest Missouri and changed our group name to 417 Freedom Fighters which currently has 3.1K members.

DAT Event Group, formerly known as Missouri Business Revival, on Facebook was opened in January 2021 in an effort to connect people to our local representatives and small businesses.  The DAT movement includes gathering in various communities throughout Missouri; furthermore, we look forward to extending these events to other states in the this Great Nation!

DAT Mission

Reclaim our founding fathers’ vision, expressed through The Preamble, "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."


As DAT plans events to defend against tyranny, there will be a special interest in encouraging and supporting all who view the "American Dream" as something worth fighting for - through each of the All Are Essential gatherings. We believe this will be accomplished when gathering with likeminded people, freedom fighting organizations, and elected officials who are willing to defend the U.S. Constitution from both foreign and domestic threats, specifically those stated in the Bill of Rights. Along with gathering with stalwart Americans, there is also a need to identify politicians with similar views and in turn support them in protecting constitutionally sound legislation.

The Iron Curtain metaphor, communism vs capitalism, is as real today as it was in the 1840's which is seen as the greatest threat in America today as many are defending the misleading rhetoric of socialism.  One of the most effective ways to protect from the trap of socialism, to resist the Democratic Socialist of America organization with all its associated lies, is to defend the small businesses.  Therefore, DAT will do all we can to support and strengthen local small businesses despite city and or state mandates.  In addition, endorse companies, programs, and people who have similar views - the general idea is this initiative will require all of us living and defending the American dream!

Our endeavors will include prayer at every event which leads to fostering trust in Jesus Christ as we turn our hearts to him to guide us through the tumultuous times we now live, with that said, we recognize only he can provide the miracles we need to protect our freedoms, liberties, prosperity, and equally important, protecting our families.  To defend truth and righteousness will require all of us; therefore, our objective is to pull people from all faiths to stand against the oppression. 


DAT will stand against the evil that aggressively attempts the removal of God's name, U.S.A. Pride - Loyalty Shaming, and the blatant Attack on Christianity, Exploitation of Children, and the destruction of the Law of the Harvest (an attempt to forward the socialist agenda), Lowering Virtuous Standards, the misleading narrative of the Cancel Culture movement, etc.

I plead with you, if your heart is not right with the Lord, repent and turn to him.


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28 Principles of Freedom

MASKS: The Science and Myths 

Dr. Lee Merritt, MD 

How Bad Does It Have to Get  

Michael Badnarik 

Facemasks in the Covid19 era:

a health hypothesis

Stanford Mask Study

Legislative Proposals

Exposure Liability

SB 51 & 42

Senate Bills NOS. 51 & 42

House Bill No. 1087

COVID-19 Health Order

Regulatory Intake

Jan. 10/2021 | Mike Moon 

The power ...will always be in the peopl

Interested in helping "Fight tyranny, supporting small businesses, sharing a message of hope, and informing the public? 


We are grateful for any amount donated, all proceeds will contribute to help us accomplish our mission. Thank you in advance!