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Jan. 10/2021 | Mike Moon 

  • Identify with local elected officials who are defending against government overreach, specifically the Mayor, City Council, and "Big Government."

  • Support those Local Politicians who are working on Government Overreach, e.g. email your State Representatives and express your views on current issues. 

  • Exercise your Constitutional Rights, first by knowing the Constitution, then by living it in a way it was intended.

  • Pay attention to your “moral compass.”  …if it seems wrong, it probably is wrong.

  • At some point you have to say, “No – I will not participate.

  • Connect on social media with local politicians and Pro-American platforms.

  • Help Save Small Businesses. Start by looking for ways to avoid big box stores like Wal-Mart or Amazon and start shopping local first.

  • Stand United and Gather with likeminded people.  We have become a divisive nation; therefore, seek opportunity to support people and organizations who are defending our constitutional rights that may have different views, i.e. a way or means to defend those rights, cultural background, religious affiliation, etc.

  • We all have a circle of influence, large or small, share your beliefs and be the Example - we don't have to be confrontational, like the "progressive movement" to make a change.

  • Purchase a "All Are Essential Business" Sticker to place on your business window, personal vehicle, or even give to a friend.

  • In the Communist “Manifesto” it declares the “abolition of private property” – in other words, elimination of personal home ownership, vehicles, small businesses, etc.  Fight to keep those rights!

  • Learn the communist manifesto and watch for the signs in our country.

  • Support and or Volunteer to help local freedom organizations - over the last twelve months, several people started some form of organized idea(s) to resist the government overreach.

  • Fly the American Flag!!