DAT Events are designed to strengthen businesses harmed by the government shutdowns, occupancy restrictions, and canceled community events. Each revival event will include the free showing of Non-Essential a Documentary with special Guest Speakers, Vendor Exhibits, and a Community Food Drive. 



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DAT Perspective

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Defending the U.S.A.

DAT Media

Local & National Voice

28 Principles of Freedom

MASKS: The Science and Myths 

Dr. Lee Merritt, MD 

How Bad Does It Have to Get  

Michael Badnarik 

Facemasks in the Covid19 era:

a health hypothesis

Stanford Mask Study

Legislative Proposals

Exposure Liability

SB 51 & 42

Senate Bills NOS. 51 & 42

House Bill No. 1087

COVID-19 Health Order

Regulatory Intake

Jan. 10/2021 | Mike Moon 

Event Reviews

Brooke H. It was fantastic. Thanks for your hard work holding this event here. I’d like to attend over and over.

Meike A. Great event!! Great people!!

Caleb R. It was an awesome event. We are so glad we went. Definitely, please host more of these events. We are telling everyone about it.

Tracy T. Wonderful Event!! Time to begin the same here. Looking forward to being a part of this movement here in Missouri!!

Steve L. It's well worth your time.

Angela R. Thank you for putting it together. Please keep us posted on others.

Tencha R. Don't miss this! Great, inspiring, and necessary.

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